Hello Sweet Kindergarten Families,

Well, here we are…

We have moved through 5 full weeks of online learning in spite of all the HUGE changes in our personal lives. Let’s take a deep breath and acknowledge this feet.


We are doing this. Some days are good some are not so good. Some days we cope better than others. Some days we don’t want to do anything at all…

but… here… we… are…


We are not alone. We are moving forward and we are making progress.

I want you to know parents, I have seen tremendous growth in your junior and senior kindergarten children.

I am so very proud of them and I thank you for the tremendous energy, patience and focus it takes to do what you are doing.

I would give you all a hug if I could…I’ll have to save that till later…

Things to watch for this week include:

A special science challenge from our very own Mrs. MacNeill! I’m so curious to see what you come up with.

Monday: Phonics special new sounds cl, fl, bl, and sl;  Math and a science challenge from Mrs. MacNeill about What floats your boat?

Tuesday: Phonics, Math measuring insects and Social Studies

Wednesday: Bible with Mrs. Squires, Phonics word sort on Starfall.com and Math

Thursday: Phonics, Math and Music

Friday: Phonics, Math and Art

Wishing you all a good week at home, on the front lines, thank  you all for doing your part. We are in this together.


Mrs. Laura Perry