Well, here we are in the last 7 days of the 2017/18 kindergarten school year.

This week will fly by so very quickly and then the children will be out of Mrs. Squires and my care.  This time is so bittersweet for us.  We are very proud of all they have accomplished during this year.

We will be celebrating our kindergarten “summer birthday’s” this week.  If you have a child with a birthday in the summer, please read the note here:   https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/163da48e803f2779  for more details. Or find it in your email from me dated last week.

Thank you for sending in $15.00 for your child to participate in our end of the year school party this Thursday.  The $15.00 covers all the supplies, including snacks and lunch for your child.  Your child will need a hat, sunscreen, layered clothing and a complete change of clothes for them to change into as there is a giant bubble slide for your child to enjoy.  Oh boy!

If you have not sent the money in for this fun day, please do so as soon as you can.

As for this week, we will look forward to the following:

Monday: Gym and Computers

*If you have not already, please send in a black or navy blue baseball cap and sunglasses for your child to use for the graduation performance.

Tuesday: Reading buddies, music and art

Wednesday: Special Chapel today, we will be watching our grade 6 reading buddies graduation program.  All are welcome to attend.


Friday: Gym, Computers & Library

Things to watch for next week include:

Monday, June 18th is our last full day of kindergarten.

Tuesday, June 19th is a half day of school for the kindergarten students.  All kindergarten students will be picked up in our classroom at 12:00.

If you have students in other grades of our school, their day ends at 3:00 as usual.

Kindergarten students will need to return to our classroom by 6:10 pm.  Please have your child use the washroom and get a drink before coming to our classroom at 6:10.  Children wear their best outfits on this celebration day.  Your child will have a graduation cap to wear later in the performance so please allow the hat to fit over your daughter’s hairstyle. After the performance, all the children will be in the kindergarten room for pick up from their parents. This is the last day of school for the kindergarten children. 

Wednesday, June 20: No school for kindergarten.  If you have older children in our school, they will have classes on Wednesday.

Thursday, June 21: Sandspit Family Day  *This is a school-wide family event held in Cavendish at the Sandspit theme park.  Our school is given a discounted rate to attend. If you would like your child or children to participate, parents are required to attend with their children.  Some families bring a picnic lunch and snacks, while other families purchase food at the park.

Here is the web address to give you more information:


Friday, June 22: No school for kindergarten students, if you have older children in the school, this is a wonderful end of year celebration for all the school children.  I encourage you to come and see what your child will see on this day.  This is a great way to end the year together.

Have a good afternoon everyone.

See you tomorrow.


Mrs. Laura Perry