Here we are … in June, the final month of school…”

It is the last 12 school days for Kindergarten at GCS.

Talking with the children last week, I said: ” Remember when we started reading blends and how challenging it was?”

“Yes…” they said.

“Now look at us! We are reading short four lined stories with two vowel rules and special sounds and sight words in them… you have worked hard this year.  You practised and practised and now that seems easy peasy… you didn’t give up in the challenge.  Turn to the person beside you and say “You did it! You didn’t give up!”

The look on their faces was priceless.  Next year when things seem like a challenge, remind y0ur child of what it felt like to keep trying and not to give up.  Let your brain grow a new skill.  They can do it.  if they need extra help, find help for them.  You are on a new adventure as a family, embrace it, encourage challenges, God has a good plan for your family. Thank you for sending your child to Grace Kindergarten.

Upcoming Week:

Friday: Show and tell (student’s choice)

Library: please return any library books you still may have under the bed etc…


Last Day of School for the Jk and Sk will be Tuesday, June 18th.  This will be a Half Day of School for all the children in our class. More information will follow.

Senior Kindergarten Graduation:

**Please take note that this is new for graduation this year as it will be a graduation for the Senior Kindergarten class only.  The Junior kindergarten students will graduate next year when they complete senior kindergarten.  Sorry for any confusion or disappointment this has caused.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 18th 6:30 pm –  as we celebrate the achievements of our Senior Kindergarten students.  All are welcome to attend.

Please take note the dress code for the grad ceremony: ladies in dresses, and gentlemen in a dress shirt and dress pants or slacks– no jeans, please.

The month of June is full of ceremonies and graduations here at GCS and you do not want to miss them! Closer to these dates, specific times and locations for these events will be posted, so remember to check the school’s social media and school calendar.

Here are some other celebrations we will be recognising at our school.  Feel free to come and celebrate with us.

  • June 6th: Sports Award Ceremony
  • June 7th:  Living Wax Museum (ESL)
  • June 12th: Grade Six Graduation
  • June 14th: Grade Twelve Graduation
  • June 18th: Kindergarten day ends at 12:00 noon for both Sr. and Jr students
  • June 18th: Senior Kindergarten Graduation begins at 6:30 pm
  • June 21st: School Closing  **this is not for Kindergarten students as we finish school at noon on the 18th, but if you have students in other grades this pertains to them, parents are welcome to attend
  • Have a fantastic week.
    Mrs. Perry