Hello Families of GCS Kindergarten,

I’m once again sending this blog post off early so I don’t forget as this is report card weekend for me.

This week I would like to welcome Mason as our new VIP for this coming week. Looking forward to getting to know you better this week, Mason.

We will be learning about Postal Carriers this week with our reading buddies on Monday.

We will learn about the Polar Bear. Thursday we can dress as an Arctic animal or bring in an arctic stuffed animal or toy arctic animal.

Yes we will have a Valentines Day party. There will be an opportunity for children to share Valentines with their classmates.

**If you want to send in Valentines with your child, please sign the cards From (your child’s name) not to_____…please leave the “to” blank which makes passing out cards soooo much easier for all of us.

Please remember this Friday there will be no school for the elementary students.

Things to watch for include:

Thursday, February 9 – Quarter 2 Report Cards are published
Thursday, February 9 – Parent-Teacher Conferences for Elementary students (5pm-7pm)
Friday, February 10 – Parent-Teacher Conferences for High School students (9:30am-12pm)– NO SCHOOL 

Thank you families for supporting your children as they participate in school, grow friendships, and learn about how precious they are to God.


Mrs. Perry