Dear Kindergarten Families,

Happy New Year to you all! I trust that you’ve had a restful break from school and that you’ve spent some quality time with family and friends over the past 2 weeks. As we return to school for this four day week, please take note of the following announcements.

Dressing for the Weather

As we all know, our winter weather can be unpredictable at times. Please ensure that your child comes to school each day fully equipped for outdoor play. “Must have” items include: A warm winter snow suit (this includes snow pants), winter boots, mittens/gloves (an extra pair or two tucked away in the school bag are strongly recommended), and a winter hat. A neck warmer or scarf are also very useful for keeping snow from going into jackets, and an extra pair or two of socks is not a bad idea, either! We stay indoors when it is raining, when the playground is too covered in ice, and when it is colder than -20 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, out we go for some much needed fresh air and movement.

**of course you know if your child runs hot so to speak…but we will be outside 2 times each day unless the weather is too wet or cold at the scheduled time of playground use

New This Week

This week we will be working our way back into a routine. Mrs. Squires will be back in our classroom as she is ready to join us again after a long hiatus.

*I would like to thank Mrs. Bissett who filled the “very large shoes” of Mrs. Squires.  The children especially loved the fun science experiments that Mrs. Bissett would prepare for the children. Mrs. Bissett is in very high demand at our school and in many other areas of her life and I am so very thankful for the opportunity to have had the consistency and enjoyment of working with Mrs. Bissett each day.

Show and Tell 

This week we will have a special show and tell time for the children to bring in something special they received or did with friends and family over Christmas holidays. You can email me a photo of the activity and some details about it that can be used for prompting conversation.  If your child wishes to bring in an item to “show” please make sure it will fit in your child’s kit bag. If it doesn’t fit the kit bag, send a photo of it and we can still show it and talk about it.

Junior Kindergarten students will have show and tell this Wednesday afternoon.

Senior Kindergarten students will have show and tell this Friday afternoon.

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 3rd – First day of classes for 2023
Monday, January 30th to Thursday, February 2nd – Junior/Senior High School Midterm Examination Week
Friday, February 3rd – Semester Turnaround Day (NO SCHOOL)

Looking forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow!


Mrs. Perry