It’s the Final Count down…

Tomorrow will be our final full day of kindergarten.

We are expecting to have a lot of fun doing our favourite things today.

Tuesday all Jk and Sk students will go home at 12:00 noon as Mrs. Squires will be getting things ready for our Sr. Graduation Ceremony at 6:30 pm.

Only snacks are needed as the children are going home for lunch.

**Remember this is the last day of school for our Kinders so you may need to make other arrangements for the rest of the week.

Thursday is Sandspit Day

Even though the Kindergarten children are finished school for the year, they are included in the family day at Sandspit. Some families pack a picnic lunch, while others purchase lunches there.  There are picnic tables as well as trees and grass areas to enjoy your food.

**staff are not in charge of the children. Parents bring their children and watch over them during this event.

For more information about Sandspit click:

Family Fun Day at Sandspit

It is that time again – Thursday, June 20th will be our annual GCS Sandspit day! The ride bracelets this year will be $13.00 per person and allow for all rides except the go-karts. All parents are required to pay for their own bracelets if you plan on going on any rides. Otherwise, it is free. When purchasing bracelets, let the cashier know you are with the GCS group (this will give you the discount). Hours of operation are from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm. This is a great opportunity for you to come and enjoy your children and the fellowship of other parents. You are reminded that there is no supervision by GCS staff and each parent is responsible for either attending with their children or making provision for their children to be cared for.

Important Dates

  • June 18th: half day of school for all Kinders, Kindergarten Graduation 6:30 pm
  • June 20th: Family Fun Day at Sandspit
  • Have a wonderful summer with your family.

God Bless you


Mrs. Laura Perry