Hello my sweet Kindergarten families,

I hope everyone is well.

Thank you all for the tremendous effort into on line learning you are doing with your children.

Thank you also for the feed back you are giving me regarding the lessons I post as your comments help me choose activities that will make a difference in your child’s online learning experience.

Tuesday we will have a short Zoom meeting to talk about things your families can do on this Wednesday of Wellness Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 26th,  all GCS staff, students, and families are being asked to unplug from their remote learning responsibilities and to focus on their spiritual, emotional, physical, and social well-being.  We encourage families to consider ways in which you can recharge during this challenging time of isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions in our province by creating a bucket list of activities that you can do together to promote overall wellness.

Please see the end of this blog for suggestions if you are fresh out of ideas…

Thursday we will again have a short Zoom meeting to chat about how Wednesday went.

Here are some references for you if you are looking for ideas this

Wellness Wednesday..


*Take advantage of our beautiful Island and go to the beach for a walk. I personally prefer this instead of a park because there are very few people out at the beach in the winter…I know it is cold, but it can be a fun experience if I dress appropriately. I like to have a bag in my pocket for any sea glass or shells I find along the way.

*Have an evening of going through the drive through for Tim Bits in our p.j’s. Bring the dog too for a pup treat of a plain Tim bit.

*Playing a game of Guess what animal I am. Verbal or action clues are given and then the next person on the couch gets a turn. Or the youngest to the oldest order.

*Reading Cave or tent for you and your stuffed animals.

Have a good evening and I will see you tomorrow on the morning message.


Mrs. Laura Perry