Hello Families,

I’m sending this blog post early as there are preparations you can do with your child for this week if you wish.

This Tuesday we will be celebrating 100 Days of Kindergarten. Your child can bring in a collection of 100 items such as 100 Q-tips,  stickers, marker dots on a page, rubber bands, tooth picks, popcorn, hard beans, candy pieces, cheerios, paper clips, goldfish crackers or  dress up as someone 100 years old etc.

*collecting items that are set in groups of 10 can be an easier way for your child to understand this concept.

I am excited to see how this day will go!

We invite Dean to be our VIP this coming week and look forward to learning more about him.

Things to watch for include:

Friday, February 3 – Semester Turnaround Day (No School)
Thursday, February 9 – Quarter 2 Report Cards are published
Thursday, February 9 – Parent-Teacher Conferences for Elementary students (5pm-7pm)
Friday, February 10 – Parent-Teacher Conferences for High School students (9:30am-12pm)– NO SCHOOL 

Thank you families for supporting your children as they participate in school, grow friendships, and learn about how precious they are to God.


Mrs. Perry