Good Afternoon GCS Families,

What a storm we had last night! Or as we say on the island, “some storm!” I heard some people had all their storm chips finished by Friday!

I would like to begin by wishing all of our families a Happy Moon Festival ! We understand that this celebration is important to many and includes the whole family. We often have several students absent from school during the week of festivities. If your child will be absent from class, please send me an email and have happy celebration. 

Tomorrow is a big day for all of us. Some are excited to have their children back in school and others are not at all excited about the idea. We hear you and we understand.

The classroom is ready and Mrs. Squires and Mrs. Arthurs will be there to welcome everyone back. I will be back later this week or next to see those sweet faces and hear all the wonderful stories of snow adventures and play over the last few weeks. 

This week the students will be reviewing activities covered on seesaw to get ready for report cards on the following week. I am so very proud of everyone’s efforts to complete as much as they could. 

Show and tell this week will be scheduled for JR. Kindergarten students on Wednesday and Friday for our SR. Kindergarten students. The students can bring something small. (please no motorized or battery operated toy vehicles)

Have a great week.

As always, thank you for all you are doing to help our community be healthy.


Mrs. Laura Perry