Hello my Kindergarten Families,

We are on the last lap of school from home for 2019-2020!

Here we are!

And to conclude the year in a fun way, the kindergarten class will have the chance to investigate an animal of their choice and complete each day’s assignment for 4 days, then show what they learned on Friday.

Step 1

Monday: Choose an animal from the 4 main animal

Investigate what your animal eats, and what its home is like.

Step 2

Tuesday: How would you care for your animal’s needs? Would your animal make a good pet? Why? Or why not?

Step 3

Wednesday: God made your animal. Tell us what you see when you look at your animal. Why do you think God made it that way?

Step 4

Thursday: Find some music that reminds you of your animal. Or move like your animal to music.

Step 5

Friday: With the fun facts you investigated about your animal, tell us about it.

You can use things around your house to help you tell the story of your animal.

Draw a picture, google cut and paste a picture, toy animal, stuffed animal, sibling dressed as animal…

**Parents, this will not be letter graded, instead a grade of present or absent will be applied. It is a way for the children to show what they learned about their animal.

Mrs. MacNeill will be posting a science activity for an option on Monday.

I have posted a bible song for each day as well.

Mrs. squires will be posting different end of the year activities as options for your child also.

See you tomorrow in our morning message.


Mrs. Laura Perry