Greetings! Take note below of all the festive activities happening our last week before Christmas and have a wonderful break spending time celebrating the birth of Jesus with your family. 

As we are having many talks about Christmas and the birth of Jesus, we also want to respect family’s choices to have a special visitor on Christmas Eve. I ask that you have a conversation with your child about respecting each family’s decision for or against including Santa in our Christmas festivities. 

Theme Days

Monday: Festive Pajama Day- Live the excitement of Christmas morning by wearing your pajamas to school. Festive designs are great, but all pajamas are welcome. Remember: modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the expectation.

**please check that your child has remembered to brush their teeth and have undergarments on

Tuesday: Christmas Sweater Day- Wear your ugly (or beautiful!) Christmas sweater. Choose one that is ready-made or use your imagination to create your own unique design.

Wednesday: Christmas Colours Day- Celebrate the season by choosing Christmas

Thursday: Christmas Hat Day- Wear a Santa hat, reindeer antlers, an elf hat or a Christmas-themed toque as we count down to Christmas.

FridayHalf day – Christmas Party Please Pick up your child at 12:00.  Children will have lunch with you.

Christmas Party

This Friday, during our half-day, our class will be having a Christmas party. Our usual scheduled snack time will be a time to share Christmas treats with one another. If you could send a fruit/veggie snack or some sweets to be shared with the class that would be great.

See you all on January 6th, 2020

God Bless you and your family.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas.


Mrs. Laura Perry