Friday Fun Days

We are having so much fun on Friday Fun Day in Kindergarten! The students vote on a topic for the week to investigate. Last week it was Butterflies. Friday was Friday Fun Butterfly day. We dressed in butterfly colors (anything at all) and made hats, used the para-shoot and bubbles outside. Thanks to all the goodies you parents sent in for our last party, we are still enjoying them and don’t need any more treats just yet. This week the children have shown interest in the Cheetah and the Ladybugs….who will be the winner this week…

The class will discuss the details about what to wear or bring for Friday Fun Day as we get closer to the date.

Last Day of Kindergarten Information

The last day of Kindergarten is Wednesday June 15 at noon. The  children will be picked up before lunch. Jk students are finished for the school year, but the Sk children return that evening for their graduation ceremony. When the ceremony is over, so is school for the Sk students. Friday June 17th is the last day of school for grade 1 and up.

Dress Code Reminder

With the change in seasons, and as your children continue to grow out of their clothing that fit them last fall, we wish to provide you with this reminder.
As stated in the GCS Handbook the school’s overall dress code standard is modest, clean, neat, and appropriate. Shorts and skirts must not be shorter than just above the knee, which is typically to the tips of the fingers on most children. Girls are permitted to wear sleeveless shirts as long as the straps are wider than three finger widths (please no shirts with thin spaghetti straps). Clothing with a rebellious or negative message are considered dress code violations.

All kindergarten and elementary students must have a second pair of shoes to be worn inside. According to provincial regulations, kindergarten and elementary students are required to wear socks at all times while at school. Sandals are not permitted for this reason.We are thrilled to see our elementary students wearing GCS apparel on a daily basis. We are even more excited when we see our parents embracing their GCS pride and purchasing clothes for themselves. For those wishing to purchase GCS apparel, please visit one of our online clothing stores at or New items are being added regularly.

Thanks again for partnering with us.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs. Perry