Hello Families of GCS Kindergarten,

What a very busy week we had with: costumes for the Christmas Play (so adorable) report cards, interviews, a new student joined our class community and a Blue Jay craft that may have been a wee bit tricky but still fun and sweet.

Things to watch for this week include:

Introduce letter Ss, print the number 6, make a peanut butter seed treat for our playground visitor the Blue Jay and vote on a new animal to investigate.

On Monday you child will take home their list of Usborn books they were interested in. Mrs. Biech sent an email with directions on how to easily order the books on line.

*Scholastic Book orders will begin in the new year.

Things to look towards: 

Friday, Dec. 17: Half day of school. Christmas Party. Pick up at Noon (12:00)

Tuesday, Jan 4th 2022: First day back to class.

Have a good day tomorrow.

See you on Monday.

**Please check the weather each day and check for hats, mitts etc so your child will be ready for this changing weather.

Again, thank you for all you are doing to help keep our province healthy.


Mrs. Laura Perry