Hello families of Jk & SK students,

We made it through our first full week of school! Students have now enjoyed all their different classes with all their teachers now that all the “first’s” are over we can relax and enjoy the subjects as they come.

Community Outreach Project

Our youngest students will be discussing which learning centers they enjoy the most in our classroom. From there, Mrs. Squires and I will create a set along with a note of friendship to be gifted to our kindergarten friends in Mrs. Dickieson’s Kindergarten class at I.C.S.

Terry Fox Run

This Friday students will be participating in the Terry Fox Run.  Students will learn about Terry Fox and participate in a run to remember his contribution to cancer research. Elementary students are encouraged to bring a donation to their teachers, or their parents can e-transfer to tuition@gcspei.ca with “Terry Fox” in the subject line and their student’s name included in the message.

Dressing for the Weather

This past week began with summer temperatures and ended feeling very chilly indeed! Please be sure to check the weather forecast for the day and have your child dressed ready for the varying temperatures. Please keep in mind that morning recesses are often much chillier than in the afternoon.


When packing your child’s lunch bag, please add an extra snack item as I think everyone might be growing… reminder that peanut butter is permitted at GCS. I hope that makes choices easier for you.

Also, we love to celebrate birthdays with our youngest students. When your child’s birthday is approaching, please send in a snack/treat to share with the class. In the past some items have been cake, cupcakes, fruit tray, cookies; bag of chips…any one of these items work easily. Store bought food items are required by the Early Childhood Department.

Napkins or paper plate are very helpful.

20 students are in our class.

Important Dates:

Monday, September 19th – National Day of Mourning (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, September 23rd – Terry Fox Run
Friday, September 30th – National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (NO SCHOOL)
Thursday, October 6th – School Picture Day
Friday, October 7th – PD Day (NO SCHOOL)

Monday, October 10th – Thanksgiving (NO SCHOOL)

That is all for now! Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!

Mrs. Laura Perry