I first want to say Thank you for driving slowly in our parking lot.  We love our children and want each car to be driven with attention to speed and running children. Thank you.

We have successfully completed the first 2 weeks of kindergarten.  Learning procedures and discovering routines that will make your child’s kindergarten experience comforting and safe.

Your child has learned the name and sounds of the letters Ii and Uu.

I says i as in inchworm.  U says u as in umbrella.

We play games that require your child to listen and categorize these short vowel sounds.

Mitt, pit, sit, kit, sound very different when the vowel is changed to mutt, put, sut and kut.

Like wise, sun, fun, run, and bun make the children giggle to hear sin, fin, rin, and bin when we show a picture of the correct word beside it.

This week we will be introduced to a new vowel.  I wonder which one it will be…

We have identified numbers 1,2 and 3.

We made AB patterns using all the children in our class.  Ask your child what happened when we ran out of girls to complete our pattern…

Mrs. Bouter made beautiful Coyote art with the children that is displayed in our classroom windows.

Please take note of the following information for the week ahead:

Road Closure:

The City of Charlottetown will be shutting down the intersection of Capital Dr and Lower Malpeque/North River Road (the Tim Hortons/Esso intersection near the school) beginning this Monday, September 18 for two weeks.  If you normally use this intersection to get to GCS in the morning/afternoon, please note that you will have to use an alternate route.  Please allow yourself extra time to travel during the next two weeks so that you arrive before 9am; the traffic in Charlottetown will be considerably heavier.  For a map outlining alternate routes, please send me an email and I will be happy to share.

Monday: Gym shoes are required & Computer class

Tuesday: Reading Buddies, Music, Art

Wednesday: Chapel,

*payment for milk orders are due today

Orders must be placed a week in advance, with white milk costing $.50 and chocolate milk costing $.75. You may wish to pay for your child’s milk on a weekly basis or pay in advance, a month or two at a time.  Milk ordered on Sept 20th will be delivered to the students the following week (Sept 25-29).

*if there are hot lunch options for your child this week, a notice will go home with your child and payment is due today as well

Thursday: Music

Friday: Gym shoes are required, Computers and Library

Children will be choosing a book to take home this week. Please return the book on Wednesday

Important Dates:

October 6-  Professional Development Day (No Class, School is closed)
October 9 – Thanksgiving (No Class, School is closed)
October 16-19 – Science & Technology Week (more information will follow)
October 19- School Pictures

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All for now!  Have a blessed weekend.
Mrs. Laura Perry