I hope everyone is safe in their homes during todays snow storm.
I’m sure many children were dissapointed that they missed Friday’s show and tell.
Please let your child know we will have show and tell this Friday.
PD Day, Weather Permitting

As indicated on our online school year calendar, we have a currently scheduled Professional Development Day Friday, January 31st. However, if school is cancelled throughout that week, this PD Day will be cancelled and we will have classes to allow high school students to have time to complete their exams.  Please watch our social media accounts for any updates regarding this date.
Arctic Theme
This week we will be voting on our next Arctix animal to investigate.  So far we have investigated the Blue whale and the Orca.
Questions you might want to ask your child:
How long can some whales hold thier breath for?
How big is your heart? How big is the heart of a Blue Whale
What kind of mothers are whales?  Do they lay egg?
What is a family of whales called?
Enjoy this time engaging with your children.
Things to watch for this week include:
Monday: Gym, music and art
Wednesday: Chapel and Music
Thursday: Library (please have books returned before new ones can be taken out)
Friday: Show and Tell
Looking forward to a good week together.
Mrs Laura Perry