Week 2, 2018

Hello, Families of GCS Jk and Sk families,

I hope you are enjoying this weekend with your family.

Our class has been growing and learning at every level.

I am so proud of these young children.

With new families signing up for our class blog each week, I will post a reminder from last week…

The perfect time to bring your children to school is 8:45 each morning.  If you have other commitments in the morning, we have provided a teacher outside at 8:20 to supervise the children until the doors open at 8:45.

Children are to be dressed for the weather and keep their kit bags with them outside until the teacher opens the doors at 8:45.

For those who enjoy the last hug and kiss goodbye, you have the opportunity to say you’re good buys outside or in the atrium as the official send-off for your child’s day. Please know Mrs. Squires and I have both been there as parents and we understand this can be very difficult.  We thank you for giving us the ability to be in the right room at the right time so that we can begin our routines with the children.  * Monday’s and Wednesday’s the children will be using another room in our school after 9:00 am.

If you need to pick up your child early for an appointment etc, you can reach me by email or call the school and a message will be sent to me right away.  The perfect place to wait for your child for early pick up is our beautiful atrium.  Relax in the seating provided for you.  I or Mrs. Squires will help your child get ready to meet you there.

Birthday Celebrations

We love to celebrate birthdays in our class.

If you want, you are welcome to send in a cake or cupcakes or fruit for a class of 24.

* Health Regulations require the cake or cupcakes must be provided by a health inspected kitchens such as The Superstore, Sobeys or a bakery.

It is helpful if paper plates are sent in also.

This Week’s Special Activities for the Children Include:

Monday: Gym Class begins at 9:00 am, Art with *Mrs. Able and Inquiry-Based Learning will take place in the afternoon

*correction from last week stating the art teacher was Mrs. Bouter  


The students will enjoy Chapel with the elementary students which begins at 9:00, then they will have Music with Mrs. Bouter


Music: with Mrs. Bouter

Show and tell: The children can bring in a photo or email me at from something your family did over the summer.  If you would like to write a couple of sentences to help prompt your child with the memory, we would be happy to help with that.

Hot Lunch Program:
Please keep an eye out for more information about our school’s Hot Lunch Program which will be provided in the near future.  Although lunch forms will be sent home each week to indicate the options available, parents may also wish to check our online school calendar to plan ahead.  This week, students will have the option of purchasing fries and hotdogs on Tuesday.  The cost of each item is $2.00 each.  Please return your child’s order form and payment inside the money pocket (pencil case) by Tuesday at 9 AM.
*please be sure your child’s name is on the order
Scrip Program:

Scrip is Grace Christian School’s simple fundraising program using gift cards from popular retailers. The school purchases these gift cards at a discount and resells them to parents for the face value of the card. Families will earn back the difference of the purchase (to a specified amount) to be returned to that family in June in the form of their choice of gift cards, tuition bursary, a donation to GCS staff, or donation to GCS Plant a Seed Fund.  Please remember to stop by the GCS Armoury just inside the new school atrium to purchase your gift cards.

Important Dates: 

Sep 28 – Professional Development Day (No School)
Oct 8 – Thanksgiving (No School )

Have a blessed weekend,
Mrs. Laura Perry

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