Hello Families of Grace Kindergarten,

I am sure you are curious about our first week of school…

I wish you could see what Mrs. Squires and I have seen.

Things like: your children making new friends beside and around them, singing with their masks on to so many fun songs, learning the vowel sounds of Ii and Uu, counting numbers from 1-10, use chrome books, had classes in library, gym, art, and begin community helpers and science, learning about God’s creation and playing outside in our playground…and we can’t forget a picnic lunch outside too!

Your sweet children have had a great week!

We have adapted very well to class during this season of COVID. This week has taught us new ways we can learn. 

In saying this, we have also learned where we can make things easier for all of us.

To do this, we need your help.

There are items we need that will make learning more helpful. Mrs. Squires and I have been creating individual “tool kits” for each child to have their own set of items to use at their workspaces.

Things we need for tool kits include:

*small alphabet magnet letters and numbers 0-9

*items for counting: Tiny shape erasers, pompoms, bag of rice OR macaroni OR dried beans

*small pair of socks (will not be used for their feet)

* a very small mat the size of a kitchen chair cushion for children to sit on floor (and sent home to be washed on the weekends)

My hope is you will be purchased these items from a dollar type store, so the cost is not great.

We appreciate all that you have done to get your child/children to be ready for school this year. You have helped our first week of school be a great success!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at:



Mrs. Laura Perry