Last week ended up being even shorter than planned…and it looks like we are in store for another storm.  Please be sure to check in on any of the GCS media platforms for news regarding school closures or delays.

You would have been so proud to watch your adorable children making a presentation on the arctic animal of their choice. Oh my, oh my, my heart! One table friend chose an animal, one table friend was the “scribe”  who drew or printed the ideas of their table friends. The goal was to work as a team and come up with 3 or 4 fun facts about their animal. Then share it with the class as a team including the photo and the scribe pictures/notes for reminders. Well, if you could be a fly on the wall! They were fantastic!

We talked about how it felt to work as a team, present as a team. We discussed what it was like to talk to the class now compared to when they first came to school. What they thought made it different for them now. What would make it easier the next time etc. I am soooo proud of them.

We are so close to earning our second batch of  100 “Staries”. Our classed discussed fun things they would like to do to celebrate. I will keep you in the loop when we make our final decisions. I am sure your kids will fill you in if you ask them about the party we are going to have for 100 “Staries”. I likely will include pajamas and stuffed animals… and more…I will send an email with more details don’t worry.

Speaking of parties, some of you might be thinking about Valentines already. This week, we will send home a paper lunch bag with a note suggesting things for you to put in for your own child to enjoy on our Valentines Day. If you would like to send Valentines Day cards for your child to pass around, PLEASE only sign your child’s name on it not who the card is for. We have 21 students in our class.

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, Feb. 10 Show and Tell for Junior Kindergarten Students

Friday, Feb. 12th Show and Tell for Senior Kindergarten Students
Monday, Feb.15 – Islander Day (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, Feb.26 – PD Day (NO SCHOOL)

Have a great week everyone. Thanks for doing your part to keep our Island safe. See you soon.


Mrs. Laura Perry