Senior Kindergarten Parents, have you seen your child’s grey schoolwork pouch? This week we offered a new item inside. There is a folder inside that contains short activities that can be completed for each day of the week (Monday- Thursday).

The first activity talks about reading opportunities for your child.  You might ask your child to get their “little reading books” from class like Tip, Gus or Mat the Rat to read to you or a stuffed animal for example. (you could use this opportunity to fill in the Hearts on love of reading week page too)

There are 4 half page activities that might include tracing letters or math addition problems and there will always be a “game” that can be cut out and put in a sandwich bag to play at home.

This is an opportunity to see what your child is learning in the classroom. Some children are not great talkers about the things they learn about in school…this might help.

This is not intended to add extra work/stress for you as a parent. Some families have requested short activities that can be done at home. If you find this too much for your family to participate in, I understand. Perhaps your child can try what they know on their own if they are interested. Or you choose to pass all together and that is fine too.

If you participate, please have the grey pouch and the folder returned each Friday.

Here we are…the last week before March Break and there are many fun days planned for your children to enjoy!

***If you would like ideas to help you dress your child, Pinterest has many suggestions that may help you along…

Monday: Spring Picture Day (No dress-up day)

Tuesday: Decade Day – Time travel through fashion today! Dress as a student from the groovy sixties, the disco seventies or the preppie eighties, or be creative and choose another era. Remember: modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the expectation.

Wednesday: Tacky Tourist Day – We cannot travel or go away for March Break this year but today you can dress up as though you are on your way to our favorite travel destination! Wear your Hawaiian shirts and white socks with sandals or your favorite souvenir shirt – use your imagination! Remember: modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the expectation.

Thursday: St. Patrick’s Day – anything green or shamrock – like

Friday: PJ Day – To end-off Winter Carnival week, wear your pajamas to school, but don’t forget to wake up! Remember: modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the expectation.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful day.

Remember this is the last week before March Break. That means there will not be school from the 15th to the 19th of March.

Thank you for all you are doing to keep our communities safe.


Mrs. Laura Perry