Hello Families,

Happy May 24th weekend!

Thank you for all you are doing to follow CPHO protocols that allow our communities to stay as healthy as possible. I am so thankful we have had a full year to this point of in classroom learning. What a blessing. It has taken the whole community working together for us to stay healthy and strong.

I realize we have had sniffles in the classroom, and I want to thank you mom and dad, for making the choice to keep your children home when they have runny noses. I respect the sacrifices you are making to do this.


Twin Theme Day: Dress up as a twin of someone or something you love!

Toy Inventors

The children will be “Inventors of toys” over our next few weeks of school. This week we will be creating spaces for dinky cars to travel. If you have any empty cereal boxes, empty toilet paper rolls or masking tape in your home please send them in with your “toy inventor”.  We will be testing out our items on Friday when we bring in our dinky cars and have fun!

PEI Humane Society Kittens

Students In grade 5 are collecting items for new kittens at the Humane Society if you would like to contribute.

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, May 25 – Twin Day (theme/dress-up day)
  • Wednesday, May 26 Show and Tell for the Junior class
  • Thursday, May 27 Last day to take out Library books this year
  • Friday, May 28th Backwards day…wear your shirt backwards, begin the day with Goodbye;
  • Show and tell for the Senior class
  • Bring in a dinky car (you will get it back) to play on the ramps the children create.
  • Tuesday, June 1 – “Canada” Day (theme/dress-up day)

See you tomorrow


Mrs. Perry