We are down to the last 7.5 days of school for Junior/Senior Kindergarten 2021!

For those who have Senior Kindergarten students graduating to grade One this fall, we have planned a special program for you touching on highlights from this school year. Where has this school year gone?

*Please watch  tomorrow for a specific email outlining the details for Kindergarten Graduation, and how you can reserve your tickets.

This week we will:

-continue building on our reading skills with small group time

-subtraction in math stories

-continue our toy inventions by finishing our “starter night light”

Things to watch for:

End of the year party: watch for details

Wednesday June 9th, Junior Kindergarten will have show and tell

Friday, June 11th, Senior Kindergarten will have show and tell

Also, it is costume day for our class. Nothing scary please…

Wednesday, June 16th Kindergarten is finished at noon (12:00) children only need a snack today as they will have lunch at home with family.  Pick up will be done in the same way as a 2:45 pick up.

Please return your Senior Kindergarten child to school (the same way as morning drop off routine) by 5:45 p.m. already dressed for the program and already been to the washroom recently.

Senior Kindergarten is at 6:00 p.m. Girls please dress in your prettiest dresses with a low hairstyle (so the graduation cap will fit easily ) boys in  slacks and button up or golf shirt (not casual clothing please).

See you in the morning.


Mrs. Perry