Here We Are…

The last 2.5 days of school is upon us.

What a magnificent year it has been.

I feel truly blessed to have spent each day with your children.

I will miss them greatly.

We had a great time at Island Hill Farm last Thursday. I hope you heard fun stories from your children. The bus ride was a real hoot as your children were more than excited for this big adventure.

If you have not been as a family, I recommend going over this summer for ADL Ice cream and coffee from the cafe and visiting the gift shop to continue to support island businesses.

Things happening this week:

As we pack up for this year, please send in a sturdy reusable shopping bag that will hold your child’s school books, extra, clothes and projects.

Is your child having a birthday this summer? Please let me know so we can recognize them before school is over.

Junior and Senior  Kindergarten ends this Wednesday at noon. (12:00 pm)

For our Senior Kindergarten Performance, please bring the children back to the kindergarten room for 5:45 pm. dressed up- fancy and ready to go.

A reminder to have the girls hairstyles low on their heads (no high pony tails) as their caps won’t sit properly on their heads.

Thank you for all you do for your children. They are wonderful.

It truly has been my great pleasure to share our learning environment together this year.

Have a safe and healthy summer.

God Bless you.


Mrs. Laura Perry