Hello Parents,

Wow!  I don’t think I would have thought at the beginning of March that the world would have changed so much. We are all having to adjust to new ways of living with our families, work, and especially school.

I want to thank you all for the huge learning curve you have stepped into by joining me in this “school at home” format.

You are not alone.

Again, you are not alone.

I believe this Seesaw program our kindergarten students will be using is a great one. Your children will be able to continue learning the skills I would be teaching in the classroom, but instead, we will connect using a device under your guidance.

I will be choosing and creating activities that will be fun and engaging as well a growing your child’s independence.

Thank you, parents, for your willingness to partner with us in this new endeavor.  Thank you for the grace shown as I learn along with my students.

We are doing this!

Each week, I will be posting a blog that outlines the work for the entire week.  Each day, I will have a journal post and video to reinforce or explain daily tasks.

They will have many other activities included this week but the main focus should continue to be phonics and math.

I understand this new way of learning may feel overwhelming. Especially because you, mom and dad are leading the learning journey. But again remember, phonics and math are the priority.

If you can only do baby steps at this time that is ok.

That’s worth repeating…

If mom and dad, you can only do baby steps at this time that is ok.

What is coming up this week?


Bible, Gym, Music, Phonics, Math, Science and Art


Bible, Phonics, Printing, Math and Community Helpers


Bible, Phonics, Math, Music, Gym and Science


Library Story with Mrs. Biech, Phonics, Math and Community Helpers


Bible, Phonics, Math, and Science

Please remember if this is all too much…

baby steps…begin with phonics and math.

I am here.

Between 9am-3pm, I am close to my device and checking work regularly.

Any questions regarding our work or Seesaw should be directed to me at lperry@gcspei.ca

Hope you have a great week and look for the WIN’S in each day.

We are all in this together!

Mrs. Laura Perry

March 29th, 2020