Hello families,

Week two is complete and we have done so many things!

We learned more about:

God’s creation

Vowels Ii, Uu and Ee

Counted from 1-10

Talked about the import job Farmers have in our community

The tools of a scientist

Sang and sang and sang (with our masks on)

We even had a practice school wide fire drill.

Thank you, families, for bring in the extra items for our tool kits.

If you missed that note you can find it in last week’s blog.


Mrs. Squires and I are looking forward to another fun week with your children.

They are so much fun to spend time with!

As a reminder it is helpful for all families to sign up to get our weekly blog.

Please go to https://www.gcspei.ca/news-2/  scroll down to the Kindergarten section and sign up on the right side of the page.  You may need a computer rather than a cell phone to sign up…

Thank you for all your efforts during this unprecedented time.

This will not last forever. Your kids are doing a great job and you have done a great job with them!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs. Laura Perry