The Kindergarten year is one of the first bricks toward a solid foundation of life-long learning. Grace Christian School desires to partner with families to implement an innovative, positive learning environment that fosters a love for learning, as well as whole-child development.

Your child will be taught by qualified, professional, and loving teachers who have been called to the ministry of GCS and are committed to helping students see beyond the pages of textbooks and bring learning to life.


Through a variety of differentiated teaching methods, embracing a balanced approach to structured and play-based learning, as well as materials from Christian school publishers, our kindergarten curriculum provides:

  • A Christ-centered atmosphere where your child will learn Bible truths which include the teaching and modeling of character traits such as faith, honesty, forgiveness, and respect, as well as scripture memorization and application.
  • A solid phonics program in which your child will develop the ability to recognize, sound out, read, and write age appropriate material.
  • Math instruction and the development of early skills including shape recognition, simple addition and subtraction, counting concepts, money recognition, measuring, sequencing, and telling time.
  • An inquiry-based science curriculum that empowers young students to actively participate in asking questions, thinking critically, experimenting, engineering, and problem solving while interacting with the world around them.
  • Daily opportunities to use a variety of technological tools and resources enriches student learning.  Students are exposed to coding, digital design, and robotics and learn to become active participants in creating new technology.
  • A social studies program that encourages students to appreciate the diversity of God’s children and collaboratively serve both inside and outside their classroom environments.

“I encourage parents to send their children to Grace Christian Kindergarten. It has a high standard of learning and a loving atmosphere. Our daughter was reading, writing and doing math by January. She is more than ready for grade one thanks to their program and the teachers. GCS is a wonderful school! Thank you, Grace Staff.”

“When our son began kindergarten he was your typical 5-year-old boy. Amazingly, by the end of the year he not only learned to read and write, he had also memorized a Scripture verse for every letter of the alphabet. Our son flourished both academically and socially in the safe and loving environment of Grace Christian Kindergarten. His time there has been a wonderful investment and has given him a firm foundation. The proof is in the pudding – GCS excels!”

Kindergarten students at GCS also participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities throughout their year that significantly enriches their learning experience.

These include:

Physical Education with an emphasis on the development of gross and fine motor skill co-ordination, fair play, team spirit, following basic instructions, ball skills, games, skating and parachute games.

Art class where hands-on activities stimulate creativity, imagination and development of fine/gross motor skills. Projects include: painting, colouring, tracing, gluing, cutting, drawing and other expressive activities.

Music class allowing students to explore rhythm and beat through singing and experimentation with musical instruments.

Computer class where students refine motor skills, reinforce phonics and number skills, and explore basic computer coding.

Library class where students are introduced to a variety of literature and encouraged to make life connections to texts.

Mandarin classes where students learn a second language and appreciate the challenges that many of their classmates embrace as they learn the English language.

Weekly chapel services where your child has the opportunity to join the elementary children in song and for object lessons based on God’s Word.

Field trips and local service missions that enrich the learning and provide opportunities for global service.

Mentorship programs such as elementary reading buddies where older students model leadership and encourage their younger friends to become great readers.

Celebration weeks such as Science and Technology Week, Family Fitness Week, Love of Reading Week, Winter Carnival, etc. when students demonstrate their school spirit and love of learning.

Upon completion of the Kindergarten program at GCS, students will participate in a graduation ceremony to celebrate their great list of accomplishments.

Students will be well prepared to continue their educational journey in the solid academic programs offered by Grace Christian School’s elementary and provincially accredited high school. By enrolling your child at Grace Christian School you are making an investment in your child and the future.


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Every student will spend over 16,000 hours in school, and will be influenced by peers, teachers, and curriculum. It is never too early, or too late, to consider investing in your child’s future and giving them the advantage of growing as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. (Luke 2:52)